Monday, June 29, 2009

Braids and Bows

We promise this blog won’t be all braids braids braids…… bows bows bows…….. or even braids shaped as bows…..But since it is the name of our blog, and two of our favorite things-we had to dedicate at least one post to this subject. As you can see, each of us translated it in to her own different style, as we hope to do in our future posts.

Tchelet Braids and BowsNina Braids and Bows
Nina Braids and BowsTchelet Braids and Bows

Our inspirations...

UK Vogue Feb, 2006 Class of 2006 Braids and BowsUK Vogue Feb, 2006
Class of 2006

Carmen Kass Braids and Bows Carmen Kass

Cedric Rivrain

I love the French illustrator Cedric Rivrain. He just had his first solo exhibition in Paris. He presented drawings made for magazines such as Numero, Tokion and A magazine. Rivrain has been around the fashion world since he was 18, and have a rare ability to make fabulous designer clothes like those of Luis Vuitton , John Galliano and Alexander Mcqueen look even more fabulous in the real life. You can decide for yourself.

Numéro, 2007 Cedric Rivrain Kate Moss Alexander McQueen Numéro, 2007
Alexander McQueen 2007Alexander McQueen 2007

Numéro, 2007 Cedric Rivrain Kate Moss Louis Vuitton
Numéro, 2007

Louis Vuitton 2007Louis Vuitton 2007

Can I take it on the plane?

These bags were created by Ted Noten, a Dutch artist that began his career as a conceptual jewelry designer. Noten had extended his work to different design projects and installations for private collectors, art institutes. In the years 2004-2007 he had created acrylic molds shaped as handbags and suitcases that contain jewelry, weapons and sometimes even (ex) living creatures! Noten is a controversial artist, in 2006 he published the “Manifesto of the New Jewellery” that aroused a big discussion, and once even the police removed and shredded one of his art pieces from the “Stedelijk Museum”, claiming it was an illegal weapon…

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Perfect Vacation

Sometimes I see a picture that captures me, that makes me just want to crwal into it and be a part of the scene.
This is one of those pictures, it was taken from the summer catalog of Permanent Vacation , and who wouldn’t be happy to spend her summer in these clothes…

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We love everything about “Alice in Wonderland”: the clothes, the fantasy and the fact that you can fall into a rabbit hole, and disappear…

US Vogue Dec. 2003

We know this “Vogue“ production was everywhere. But we just couldn’t help ourselves.

This is a 1949 adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland” made by Lou Benin, that was made in order to compete with the Disney version. We think this one is way more inspiring.

Can’t do without the classics.

If you are a big Alice fan as we are, you can find all the vintage Alice pictures you could ever want in this link.

And this is our take on it.

Dress-Bella Vintage
Shoes-United Nude
Bow-Effrat Casuto

Dress-Made by Nina
Flamingo Bag-Made by Nina
Bow-Made by Nina