Saturday, March 27, 2010

Driving Miss Dazzling

Though the idea of beautiful women selling cars is not one of our favorite concepts to say the least,but there is a naivety to the fifties' car-adds that we really like. Something in the combination of technicolors, fake smiles and vintage feel manges to project perfectly the idea of driving around in your Cadi and living the good life.
We gave it a shot…

Car- Chrysler, PT Cruiser

Tchelets first outfit:
Blouse- Just in Case (Gertrude)
Skirt- Vintage
Petticoat- Made by Nina
Shoes- Steve Madden
Belt- Keren Wolf
Watch- Vintage, Keren Wolf
Gloves- Vintage, Dizingof vintage merket
Bag- Vintage, Brooklyn
Ninas first outfit:
Blouse- Miss Selfridge
Shoes- Vintage
Tchelets second outfit:
Dress- Vintage, Aderet
Shoes- Vintage
Watch- Vintage, Keren Wolf
Ninas second outfit:
Blouse- Zara
Skirt- Vintage
Petticoat- Made by Nina
Shoes- Vintage

Big thanks to Yana Godin for the wonderful photo shoots, and a great day in Nave Zedek.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Braids & Bows on Style Bubble

Style babble is our all-time favorite blog, and the lovely Susie who writes it keeps us posted every day about all the things we really love. So you can imagine our surprise and excitement when we discovered this morning that she wrote about us.
Thanks Susie!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


My two worlds, the blog and my work at TimeOut , were intertwined this week while preparing an article for Timeout on the new "up-cycling" trend, and the new collection of the fashion house, " Clements Ribeiro ". For anyone who doesn't read Hebrew and therefore can't read the article, "up-cycling" is a process that takes old garments, recycles and upgrades them into a new outfit, and therefore is both green and creative.
Designers at "Clements Ribeiro" did just that with their newest project "Scarf-Mania". There they took vintage scarfs that they found in their fashion house storage, and made an entire collection out of them. In the article I presented a DIY project showing how anyone can make their own version of Ribeiro's Scarf Mania. To show it off I couldn't think of anyone better than miss DIY herself, Nina. Once Nina was already on board I couldn't resist bringing Yana, our photographer along for the ride, and there you have it - the entire Braids and Bows team on a TimeOut adventure.
The spread in Time out

Ribeiro's Scarf Mania collection

These are the steps to create your own scarfs dress:

1. What you’ll need is: two silk scarves, a thread, a needle and chalk.

2. Fold 10 cm of the upper part of each scarf.

3. Measure 12-15 cm from the two ends of the folded part of the scarf, and mark it with chalk.

4. Invert the scarves, and stitch the two scarves at the marked places (now you have the opening for the head).

5. Leave enough space for hands, and stitch the two scarves lengthwise.

And now you have a dress!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fashion is in the details

A good friend of mine, Dvir Ackerman, has such a great job! He is the photographer of Fashion TV, which means he goes to NY and London fashion week twice a year, sits on the first rows, enters to fashion shows backstage, and let's not forget the goodies bags he gets! Is there a place for me there maybe?
'Till then, Dvir gave me some of the photos he took at the latest NY fashion week to share with you...Did I mention the Jeremy Scott's bag I got as a present?! Thanks Dvir, please keep your job!!

Monique Lhuillier on and behind the stage

My beloved Marc Jacobs...

Jeremy Scott on and behind the stage

The amazing Carolina Herrera

If you were wondering what models are eating...

And Alexander McQueen's empty store...