Saturday, June 13, 2009

We love everything about “Alice in Wonderland”: the clothes, the fantasy and the fact that you can fall into a rabbit hole, and disappear…

US Vogue Dec. 2003

We know this “Vogue“ production was everywhere. But we just couldn’t help ourselves.

This is a 1949 adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland” made by Lou Benin, that was made in order to compete with the Disney version. We think this one is way more inspiring.

Can’t do without the classics.

If you are a big Alice fan as we are, you can find all the vintage Alice pictures you could ever want in this link.

And this is our take on it.

Dress-Bella Vintage
Shoes-United Nude
Bow-Effrat Casuto

Dress-Made by Nina
Flamingo Bag-Made by Nina
Bow-Made by Nina


  1. lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its so you:)
    pink and frilly, it has your name all over itxx
    you work perfectly togetherx

  2. מקסים!
    מאוד אהבתי את הבלוג.

  3. השמלות מקסימות וכן כל ההפקה הפסטורלית.

  4. תודה בלוגריות מקסימות!