Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Animal Crinolines

Walter Van Beirendonck's latest Winter 2010/2011 collection "Take a W-Ride" was mostly menswear. As expected from Walter, the collection was very colorful with strong graphics and humoristic… For me the best part of the fashion show was the end, when the models showed on stage with sculptured animal figure crinolines and over sized hats! The designers that created this genius crinolines were Elke Hoste and Lisandro Olmos. I was desperately looking for their other works on web, but almost found nothing, hope to hear about them more in the future…

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ever since I saw the Stella McCartney show I became obsessed with the high-waist and pleated pants, so when my wonderful husband got me this vintage Yve Saint Lauren pants for my birthday last week ,as you can imagine, I was in heaven.
I jumped at the first opportunity to wear them which presented itself in the spring-summer Castro show (if you are interested to know what I thought of it you can check it out Time Out ). Since I didn't have a belt to wear them with, Nina was nice enough to create one for me. Together with Yana, who agreed to play with her flashes in order to capture me in the film noir-ish lighting that the look demanded, it was a real group effort.

Stella McCartney

my version

Pants: YSL vintage, from "Gallery Parisian".
Shirt: sack's
Shoes: - Nine West
Belt: hand made by Nina

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Chain Belt

First of all, we wanted to thank Florrie from Intrinsically Florrie blog for nominating our blog for the Awesome Girl Award. Thanks Florrie!!!

This is a super simple and super cute DIY project that takes only about 15 minutes.
The belt is made of a chain, in the spirit of the 80', but of course, very relevant for today.

1. The materials you'll need are: a 1 meter chain, a few joining rings and a clasp.

2. Cut 31 cm of the chain

3. Measure 8 cm from the end of the bigger part.

4. Mark for yourself the 8 cm point from the end, and then 28 cm from that point, and add the joining rings at these points.

5,6. Connect the 31cm part to the rings.

7. Add the clasp with a joining ring to one of the ends.

Voila! The belt is ready!

Here, I'm wearing the belt with my H&M dress.

And what do think about my new TopShop cardigan? I fell in love with it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Earlier this year I went to visit the "Haifa Museum of Art" to see a show called "The Grotesque". While watching the show, which was absolutely fascinating, I stumbled across the work of Erwin Olaf, a photographer and video artist living in Amsterdam. Although Olaf is mostly an artist, his apocalyptic prediction of how people will live and look in the future are ever so fashionable. In the show Olaf's presented his visions of how we will look in the future if our obsessions with youth, beauty and plastic surgery will continue to be such a central part of society. While visiting the artist's website I discovered more wonderful works that this time dealt with the alienation of the modern world. Olaf's retro aesthetics and forlorn atmosphere reminded me Edward Hopper's works that also managed to capture the beauty and loneliness of modern times.Please press on this link
To see Olaf's video art

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rock "At" Roll

About a month ago Tamar Karavan called me and asked if I would like to be her assistant in a photo shoot for “At” magazine. Whoever is familiar with Tamar's work knows she is talented photographer and stylist, and who knows Tamar in person knows she is amazing and even addictive … well, of course I said yes!
The model is the actress Keren Mor, who is going Rock n Roll it these shots. Osnat the makeup artist and Yossi the hair stylist were also fabulous. Overall the photo-shoot was fun and inspiring!

Here is a photo of Tamar during the photo-shoot, photos of some clothes and accessories before dressed on the model, and the final editorial.

The editorial