Saturday, August 29, 2009


Paris is my idea of paradise. Millions of beautiful well dressed women, hundreds of boutiques that look like they were made especially for me, and of course macaroons at Laduree, which are by their selves worth the trip.
I lived in Paris for a few months after the army, so for me this vacation is more about visiting my favorite places, rather than seeing the more touristy sides of Paris.I photographed a few of my recommendations along with some really nice window displays.

Tchelet Laduree Paris Laduree Cake Paris

Laduree cakes Paris

Laduree patisserie Paris

So, as I mentioned earlier, I am a "Laudree" addict. Their patisserie, which was built sometime in the nineteenth century, specializes in anything colorful, sugary and sweet. Besides being one of the most beautiful and ancient patisseries around, Laduree is also one of the rare patisseries in Paris where you can actually seat and have a pastry along with your coffee.

Madeleine Gely Umbrella Store, Paris
Madeleine Gely Umbrellas

Considering that I don’t live in a country known for its rainy climate, you wouldn’t think I’d have such an affinity for umbrellas. Yet, without me even realizing it, I seem to have built up quite a collection. That is why the "Madeleine Gely" shop is my ideal place to spend a magical hour or two.
The boutique, located on Boulevard St. Germain, was founded in 1834 and is the "it" place for umbrellas, parasols, and walking sticks. Needless to say, this is not your every day 'stick it in your bag umbrella' either. In the store there are umbrellas of every size, color, and rain-proof fabric you can think of.

Didier Ludot vintage store ParisDidier Ludot vintage store Paris

Gabrielle Geppert vintage store Paris

Besides being one of my favorite places in Paris, Palais Royal is also home to the most prestigious and wonderful vintage stores in Paris: Didier Ludot and Gabrielle Geppert.
If you are already in the area, you just have to see the Medlen Vionet exposition in "Le Musée des Arts décoratifs " -it is the most inspiring show I have seen in years!

Clignancourt Vintage Store

Clignancourt market ParisClignancourt market Paris

Tchelet Clignancourt market

Clignancourt market window display
Clignancourt market window display

Clignancourt market butterfflies
The flea market of Clignancourt is an absolute must see when you are in Paris. Whether you're looking for antique lace like I am, vintage clothing, or even fabulous furniture, Klinkort is the place for you. Don’t waste any of your time on the regular market at the beginning of the street, just pass through it until you start seeing the antique stores. Believe me; you will know you have found it when you will be surrounded by gorgeous nostalgic stuff.

Chanel window display Paris

Chantal Thomas window display Paris

Window display ParisWindow display Paris

Tchelet Paris


  1. תמונות מדהימות כמעט הצלחתי להרגיש בארץ אחרת

  2. oh Paris! my favorite! i lived there too, it's so magical. i love how everybody has their 'own' Paris, with their favorite cafes and shops. (though Laduree must be in everyone's lists!)
    your photos are beautiful :)

  3. ואוו..פריז זה אחד המקומות שאני הכי רוצה לנסוע אליהם, אבל עד היום לא יצא לי...תמונות מקסימות, ממש עושה חשק להיות שם עכשיו :)

  4. ניחוח של חו"ל זה תמיד כיף
    תמשיכי לעשות חיים

  5. Lovely post. :)
    Those Laduree treats look yummy!
    Oh what fabulour umbrellas! How nice to have such a big choice of chic, pretty ones.
    Looks like you found some amazing vintage stores too.
    Florrie x