Sunday, March 14, 2010


My two worlds, the blog and my work at TimeOut , were intertwined this week while preparing an article for Timeout on the new "up-cycling" trend, and the new collection of the fashion house, " Clements Ribeiro ". For anyone who doesn't read Hebrew and therefore can't read the article, "up-cycling" is a process that takes old garments, recycles and upgrades them into a new outfit, and therefore is both green and creative.
Designers at "Clements Ribeiro" did just that with their newest project "Scarf-Mania". There they took vintage scarfs that they found in their fashion house storage, and made an entire collection out of them. In the article I presented a DIY project showing how anyone can make their own version of Ribeiro's Scarf Mania. To show it off I couldn't think of anyone better than miss DIY herself, Nina. Once Nina was already on board I couldn't resist bringing Yana, our photographer along for the ride, and there you have it - the entire Braids and Bows team on a TimeOut adventure.
The spread in Time out

Ribeiro's Scarf Mania collection

These are the steps to create your own scarfs dress:

1. What you’ll need is: two silk scarves, a thread, a needle and chalk.

2. Fold 10 cm of the upper part of each scarf.

3. Measure 12-15 cm from the two ends of the folded part of the scarf, and mark it with chalk.

4. Invert the scarves, and stitch the two scarves at the marked places (now you have the opening for the head).

5. Leave enough space for hands, and stitch the two scarves lengthwise.

And now you have a dress!


  1. Well it looks rather nice when you DIY it, not really sure what would happen if I send Orly to my granma's closet... maybe we can save a few dimes, but probably will only get a few cuts and bruises...

  2. cute and a great idea!
    boths scarves are very bautiful.

  3. the scarves Nina used are really beautiful, so it isn't a bif surprise to see that the dress came out so gorgeous! you both are really talanted.

  4. slt je m'appelle Valentine , j'adore tes photos surtout ta robe et j'ai ajouté ton blog a mes favoris !
    il y a un nouvel article sur mon blog laisse des commentaires blog : merci valentine

  5. Amir- Tchelet and I loved your comment!
    Rūta- Thanks, you can try too...
    Sefi- Glad you loved dear...
    Valentine- Thank you for your lovely comment!

  6. This looks beautiful!! Nice DIY :)

  7. mehamem!
    That is so beautifully done :) I wish I could saw and the scarf selection is so lovely. Good job Nina! :)

  8. Tamara-Thanks, more to come...
    Zohar- Really not that much of sewing, very simple..
    Moran Yossef- Thanks!

  9. מעולה!!
    הרי לכן מעשה בסנו סושי עם פחות מזל:

  10. Nina you are golden! super duper girl