Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fashion games

It's winter presentation time here in Israel and I seem to find myself running to three or more fashion shows a week. That would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that I am running out of new and interesting things to wear, kind of a job requirement for a fashion reporter. That's however when " Polyvore" comes in.
To anyone who isn't yet addicted, I highly recommend to plug your self into this wonderful world of fashion collages. Polyvore allows you to mix and match designer clothes and watch other people do it as well. I usually get inspired by the unique color combinations I see in the site that I later translate into my own wardrobe. Granted that I can't actually afford all the wonderful designer duds that I see in the collages but the general color skim is easy enough to imitate. After an hour on polyvore I seem to rediscover all kind of hidden gems in my closet that I didn't wear for years and that suddenly look relevant again. The pink and black collage is my own doing (Nobi is the name of my dog) the other one is made by some one called "uckynumber13"- I extremely recommend to look here up in the site since she does a wonderful work.

Dress- Dorit Sharon
Stockings- HM
Shoes- Nine West
Bag- Second hand Chanel

Skirt- American Vintage
Shirt- American Apparel
Shoes- Mango
Bag- Second hand Chanel


  1. הו, וינטג' שאנל. איזה חלום

  2. I really love that first polyvore collage and your outfit- gorgeous Chanel bag!! Your dress/tights/shoe combo is also gorgeous.
    The floral skirt in the second outfit is very pretty also.

    Florrie x

  3. You look nice. Beautiful hair, by the way.

  4. אני אוהבת את המראה של הגרביון בשילוב השמלה
    המינימליסטיות והעדינות משתלבים עליך נהדר!

  5. זה ניראה ממש ממש יפה, עם הציור ברקע ובכלל האופן בו הכל משתלב זה נורא נחמד.
    לגבי פוליבור, שאותו גיליתי כבר לפני יותר משנה, זה יכול להיות טורף זמן מטורף, מגניב שיש כאלה שיכולים להביא את זה לדרגה של אמנות

  6. really nice post*
    You're so talented*