Monday, September 14, 2009

The Uniform Project

Is it possible to wear the same dress every day for a whole year? Well, the Uniform Project proves you can, and even shows you how.
Sheena Matheiken started the project on May 2009 with 7 identical dresses- one for each day of the week- that she wears differently each time. Sheena layers the dress cleverly and adds vintage and handmade accessories, which were all donated for the project.
The Uniform Project is also a fundraiser for the Indian Akanksha Foundation whose goal is to bring education to the children living in the slums.
So, next time before complaining that I have nothing to wear (which happens almost every day) I'll try and see how I can wear one piece over and over again…

The Uniform ProjectThe Uniform Project Sheena Matheiken
Sheena MatheikenThe Uniform Project
The Uniform ProjectThe Uniform Project


  1. עם שמלה בסיסית בצבע שחור אפשר לעשות המון!

  2. הבלוג שלכן מקסים, איך לא הכרתי אותו בעבר?

  3. תודה דנה, שמחות לשמוע!