Tuesday, November 10, 2009

French kisses

So I just came back from the always fabulous Paris. This is my second time there this year and it never fails to amaze me just how much there is to see. As always I had to see what's going on in the Palais Royal, there I found that the vintage store, "Didier Ludot", has taken over the entire courtyard with a beautiful exhibition about "The little Blake dress". In this exhibition there was everything from original "Balenciaga" to Marc Jacobs, accompanied by some lovely quotes by the dresses' creators and of course matching accessories. As you can probably imagine I wouldn't have mind taking some of these wonderful creations home with me, but since it came down to a little Black dress or my future children's college education I had to leave them there with great sorrow. I usually try to stay away from the "Champs Elise", which despite the obvious charm is always very touristy, however, this time I had to check out the "Vogue covers" exhibition that featured the magazine's covers starting from the first one at the 19th century up until our days. I also found some lovely young labels that I plan to share with you in future posts, but in the mean time here are some fabulous window displays that have caught my eye:

One of the "Didier Ludot" show window at the Palais Royal

Window-display at Lanvin

Illustration of Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Alber Albaz in a kids clothing shop

The Vogue exhibition on the Champs Elise

Window-display at Chloe

After a few days in Paris we took a train down to Marseille. We stayed in a hotel at the very charming "Vieux Port" area, which is the most beautiful and luxuries part of the city. Though Marseille kind of have a bad rep as a dangerous and not very interesting place I found it to have a lot in common with Tel Aviv: good and bad parts mixed together but always with a young and interesting vibe to it. Also, of course I had to visit the local Fashion Museum which featured an exhibition of young designers from Marseille.

Marseille's Vieux Port

From the Marseille young Fashion exhibition

After Marseille we took a car and drove to the near by "Saint Cyr sur Mer" which is a little port town some 40 minutes drive from Marseille. Since we really came in the off-off season, the entire city had a melancholic but charming and almost movie like feel to it. We walked through the empty and beautifully designed restaurants and ended up in a lovely old hotel in the middle of town. Though it was obviously very outdated with its bright pink walls and artificial flowers, I found it to have a real nostalgic feel that matched my lace skirt perfectly. I took some pictures to show you.

Skirt: vintage
Shirts: Mango
Belt: Keren wolf
Shows: Repetto

Our last destination was "Cassis", a picturesque small fishermen's village with unbearable quantities of style and chic. Since I had a lot of time there to wander around by myself I wore my newly purchased pink silk blouse from Paris and took some pictures. Later that day I found a small forest that belonged to a privet villa near by. The sign on the gate said "no entry" but it was too beautiful to resist. It felt like being in the fairy tale of the "Secret garden", I think you can kind of see on my face that I was afraid of being caught.

Blouse: Margit Brandt
Jeans: Mango
Boots: Zara

Coat: H&M
Shows: Repetto
Lipstick: Chanel


  1. you look stunning ! and the pics you share are so great !
    I love Dider Ludot's place*°*°*°

  2. You must have blended in seamlessly with Parisian women. You look so European! I love your hair.

    Your blog is so cute! I blog with one of my friend's too and it makes blogging that much more engaging.


  3. I love your jacket. Cool blog, check out mine: fashionofteens.blogspot.com

  4. I love your tights! I also adore those drawings of Coco, Yves, and Alber. I want them in MY windows!

  5. i want to go im jealous - loving the outfit choices especially the vintage skirt x

  6. איזה תמונות מקסימות של צרפת. אני כבר מזמן רוצה לקפוץ לפריז וזה לא כל כך מסתדר. הצבעים הורודים הבהירים ניראים עלייך כל כך מושלם רומנטי ובאופן מפתיע המעיל השחור עם האודם האדום עושה אותך עוד יותר שברירית ומקסימה.
    מגניב שפרצת לשטח פרטי בשביל התמונות. כך עושה בלוגרית אמיתית. נשיקות.

  7. Tchelet, Paris and France look beautiful on you...

  8. Each and every outfit is amazing on you, really.
    Paris looks beautiful, good to read you had a good time! :)

  9. you look beautiful! what a wonderful time it seems you had!

  10. you and france look stunning! i'm glad you had a great time.

  11. I love your style! amazing!