Friday, October 30, 2009

Cats Rule!

O.k., you are about to see a lot of cat pictures, so be prepared, it’s gonna be fun…
As a huge cats fan, every cat picture catches my eye- especially if it’s on the pages of Vogue or in a fashion campaign…
Fashion world was very into cats this year, Lanvin used black cats as the perfect accessory in their 2009 Fall-Winter campaign, United Bamboo used cats as their models in theis catalog this season- absolutely brilliant, and the Russian Vogue's August issue featured cats that are modeling fine jewelry, and of course their own furs. These reminded me that cats were a big hit last year as well, as you can see in the French and Italian Vogue.
Besides, cats never go out of fashion…

Lanvin Fall-Winter 2009/10

United Bamboo

Russian Vogue, Aug 2009

French Vogue, Feb 2008

Italian Vogue, May 2008

Check out this blog that is all dedicated to cats and fashion: Cat Party

And maybe this is the place to remind my beloved cat Nickol, that was my cat for 13 years...


  1. excellent post !!
    so inspiring !!!
    I made a post on the beautiful Grace a while ago !
    Thx for all these colours*°*°
    Have a great week-end !

  2. Cats RULE indeed!!
    בתור פריקית חתולים הכרתי את רוב הצילומים, אבל חידשת לי גם בכמה מהם, איזה כיף!! פוסט מעולה, עשית לי חיוך פרוותי על הבוקר :)

  3. Noémie K- Thanks for your comment :)
    שלי- תמיד שמחה לגרום לחיוך פרוותי, אגב, זוכרת שלחתולה שלך קוראים נינה...

  4. The United Bamboo campaign is absolute genius!!

  5. I love kitties as well :)

    The first United Bamboo photo is great!


  6. The only thing i have to say is - i hear you sister!!!! is concerning the cat issue :)

  7. Love all the cat pictures.
    Some of them are so cute!

  8. lllllllooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeees it!!
    xx becca

  9. I love love love cats!!!!! I have two cute cats at home <3.
    Stunning post!!!!!

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