Saturday, April 24, 2010

Collection from another life

It just occur to me that although I sometimes write about my career as a fashion designer I never really showed you any of the things I design. I guess I am still not used to the fact that most of the people that read our blog don't know me or my business. It never seems to stop surprising me when people from all over the world take interest in what we do. I kind of imagine that only my friends and family will ever be interested in our constant chatter.
As everyone that reads our blog already knows, I recently moved to New York to do my second degree in fashion. Fashion has been my passion (sorry couldn't help it) ever sense I can remember myself, and the opportunity to learn in this fantastic city is really a dream come true. I promise that I'll stop being so lazy, just walking aimlessly in the streets staring at all the beautiful shops and girls (I swear half of the girls in Now York are models) and start taking some pictures of fashionable finds especially for you. In the mean time these are some photos from the last collection I designed before closing my studio in Israel, I hope you like it.

(Photographer Tami Notsani)


  1. וואו, זה כל כך לטעמי.
    חזרתי והתבוננתי שוב בכל אחד מהפריטים ולא ידעתי איזה מהם אני אוהבת יותר..כנראה שאת החצאית- היא מאוד מיוחדת.
    היכן את מוכרת את יצירותיך?
    את מאוד מוכשרת, עלי והצליחי.

  2. i love it so much and can't wait to see some photos of NY.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the pleats!


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  5. Katty – "Alice in wonderland" was one of the inspirations of this collection thanks for the comment!
    Loba – thank you so much! It means a lot coming from you
    Unfortunately right now I am in New York and not selling any where, but I definitely have plans to do so soon, I will let you know.
    Amir - thanks for the comments and kisses to Ariel
    Sefi- I am glad you like it and promise to post New York stuff soon
    Carri – I am a pleats addict, glad you share my passion!
    Thanks everybody for all the support, it means a lot !! xoxo

  6. They are beautiful! I just fell in love with the dress in the 3rd picture. The colour's lovely and so the lace details.

  7. so so so pretty, the colors, the choice of model, the wallpaper in the background...


  8. so gorgeous...
    i love dreaming about places elsewhere
    in a different time...


  9. i love the vintige feel of these shots!

  10. איזה פוסט רומנטי...
    חצאית האקורדיון מקסימה ביותר!

  11. Tchelet- all the luck!
    where are you doing your degree?

  12. I love these designs. Beautiful pictures!

  13. Stunning! Have lots of fun in NY and good luck!

  14. You are amazing! I love this beautiful dresses and skirt. Everything from the pallet to the pleating is exquisite. I find we have so much in common. I am also a designer, a modiste - I creat hats by hand only. :-) Fashion is more than passion, it is my life. I have my Atelier in New York and I very well understand your taste for beauty and fashion in people who walk the streets of New York City.:-)

  15. amazing ! (as usual)
    It's been so long ! I work so much !
    Hope you're doing well !
    Have a wonderful week-end !

  16. Beautiful! I feel very special for having a piece of yours in my closet.


  17. oh my, this is just like a dream

  18. בגדים רומנטיים וצבעים רכים ויפים
    אהבתי את חצאית הפליסה
    אין כמו ניו יורק, תהני ממנה !

  19. בגדים כל כך יפים ומיוחדים! בדיוק הטעם שלי... חבל שאת לא מוכרת עכשיו בישראל... והצניעות המקסימה שלך! מרגש ביותר :)