Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nicola Malkin

Once, my friend Dorit said that when you make an everyday piece oversized, it always makes an impression. Well, art pieces like the "Hanging Heart" or "Balloon Dog" by Jeff Koons prove exactly that.
Nicola Malkin is an artist that creates beautiful oversized jewelry by using traditional ceramic techniques.
Her works appeared in dozens of exhibitions as well as in magazines like Vogue, Another Magazine, Elle Decoration and many others.
When you see her works for the first time, it simply seems like a beautiful piece of jewelry, but after seeing them in the perspective of a whole room, you realize that the giant necklace is actually hanging from the ceiling.

You can also visit Nicola Malkin's blog, where you can see the process of creating the art pieces...


  1. That giant pearl necklace is so fantastic!!!

  2. you two have such a pretty blog!
    i really like your diy posts :)

  3. wow
    I love the last one pic !
    this head band is to die for !
    thks for your comment
    I really like your blog*

  4. Love those giant necklaces...


  5. Beautiful work! Was it in an editorial by Tim Walker, too? I remember something similar, sure it was hers, too.