Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cal La Land

"Calla" is an Israeli imported clothes chain that is mainly known for its trendy garments and affordable prizes. So when the Calla PR people sent me their newest collection, which according to them was inspired by the Israeli artist, Meir Pichhadze, (who recently passed away) I couldn't help but think it was a little pretentious. The pictures proved me wrong. The photoshot managed to capture the childlike, naïve atmosphere that pichhadze, who used to paint the memories of his childhood in Georgia, portrayed so well. The collection is filled with great flowery summer dresses and the shoes, although I am sure has noting to do with Georgian style, are oh so pretty.
Pictures from the Calla catalog

The Meir Pichhadze inspiration painting


  1. באמת זה יצא מקסים באופן מפתיע ובאמת לא הורס את המקור. למרות שזו הפקה מסחרית זה מוצלח.

  2. OK I want all the garments! Especially that lovely second dress, it's so pretty!

    Florrie x

  3. יצאה לקאלה הפקה ממש מוצלחת, ובאמת ברוח המקור. אני מריירת על הנעליים האלה...

  4. I love CALA! YOU can check at my blog and see their clothes!
    Are you selling your designs?