Saturday, June 5, 2010


Orit Ben-Shitrit is a wonderful New York-based Israeli artist who is now showing her newest installation at the Hunter Gallery in Time Square.
I first met Orit at a party in SoHo and about 10 minutes later she had already invited me to help with the customs of her latest creation that was being shot the very next day. So one day and one very sick custom designer later I found myself replacing the person in charge of the customs in Orit's "MEN DIE AND THEY ARE NOT HAPPY" video art, staring at a huge box of vintage lace and trying to create something that will emphasize the complex characters.The artist's creation has a very dark Caravaggioesk feel to it that I found very inspiring.Orit created a surreal world of lost people that speak their own unique language. She plays with different mediums (a mixture of theatre, cinema, dance and also inspirations from old master painting) leaving the spectator with a unique experience, many thoughts and unsolved questions. I hope that in the near future I will be able to show you more detailed customs shots but regardless recommend to anyone who's in the area to check it out because it is very powerful.


  1. I shall have to try and see this exhibt next time I am in New York it looks so intresting. :)

  2. I like it so much !
    (I miss NY)

  3. Oh.. congratulations ;)
    Thanks Nina**

  4. check out her "pixelgraphia" seria dated 8-10 years ago, I remember it as a beautiful work of art! keep on having fun in NY.