Sunday, November 21, 2010

Represent : RIY_KA by Rebecca Johnson

My dearest friend Rebecca Johnson is one of the most talented gals I know, she is a breath of fresh air as a person and as a designer. Rebecca graduated from the fashion school of Shenkar two years ago at the top of her class, moved to London , where she established her own label called "RIY-KA".
Rebecca is strongly influenced by different cultures; it comes through in the fabric and shape. The fabrics are a combination of recycled denim, leather, batik (which is an African fabric) and wood block printed kahdi fabric. Rebecca creates prints, embroidery and embellishment on some of the pieces, all made by hand. The shapes are mostly smart and geometric.
You can go to RYI-Ka's website to see the entire collection and inspirations. Here, I have to say that Rebecca named two of her pieces in the 2011 spring-summer collection after me, and I'm soooo flattered!!
Check out RIY-KA's really cool blog!

Nina Top 1

Nina Top 2
Tel Aviv Shorts 2

Istanbul Waist Coat

Tito Dress


Mostar Dress

March Trousers

Hood Jacket

Tel-Aviv Shorts 1


  1. he he
    well I wander???!!
    thanks my dear
    so flattered

  2. וואו, איזה הדפסים יפים ואיזה גזרות מעניינות!
    מקסים מקסים מקסים!


  3. Love the mix of different colours and fabrics in the last top, so refreshing.

  4. those look so great! denim and prints put together so cleverly - the rest of the pieces on her website look awesome too. thanks for sharing!

  5. The first top is beautiful. Something new to the eyes. The shorts is amazing as well.

  6. wow i absolutely love the hooded top, i love anything with a hood, especialy on a bad hair day!! usually i'm not a huge fan of unfitted clothes but this colection is definitely the exception, i think the gorgeous patterns and embroidery compliment the shapes and angles of the pieces.
    please check out my blog:
    i'm definitely going to do a post about this RIY-KA collection.

  7. I love your blog, how gorgeous!
    XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
    Check us out & follow @

  8. מקסים. הגזרות מעניינות ונעימות, והבדים מקסימים. כל הכבוד

  9. Really beautiful ! Nice to discover your blog !

  10. WOW,amazing collection!!!That's so cool!

  11. very good collection i love this.
    It looks like the fashion of 70's and 80's but it is attractive.

  12. Love the fabrics, colour and textures in this collection :)

  13. Happy new year. I have always loved your blog.
    Hope last night celebration was good.


  14. ואוו.. באמת מדהים! תמשיכו ככה:)

  15. This is really cool. I like the denim/leather mix and the different shades of denim together with the bulky easygoing shape.

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