Saturday, October 24, 2009

The bow belt

First of all, we wanted to thank Florrie from Intrinsically Florrie for nominating our blog for Honest Scrap Award- Thanks Florrie!

A couple of weeks ago, the very talented Hilla Harel wrote about my designs on “Rating” magazine.

The belt and the necklace are made of hand embroidered leather; I am very into embroidery lately.

When I buy a new piece of clothing or an accessory- or as in this case, when I design it myself- I am very exited to try it on with different clothes I have, to create new looks with the new piece. Here are two looks with the belt; the first one is a day time “secretary look" and the second is more of an evening “going out look".

Skirt- Second hand
Shoes- H&M
Necklace & belt- My design

Dress- Monsoon
Shoes- TopShop
Necklace- From Berlin
Belt- My design

I took the photos on the second floor of my sweet apartment…


  1. They are both such pretty pieces! I especially love the belt. Both of your outfits are very lovely too. :)

    You are most welcome to the award, you have such great content on your blog, it's a joy to read.

    Florrie x

  2. That belt is so cute. What a great design! Congratulations for the feature.

  3. Haha! What a lovely belt!


  4. the monsoon dress is beautiful:)

  5. ממש אהבתי את החגורה והתליון בעיצובך.מקסים ומקורי!

  6. that belt is lovely! thanks for your comment darling xx

  7. wonderful belt! congrats on getting into a mag. it looks really great, esp with the black dress. :)

  8. such a pretty belt!! it looks lovely with your clothes..

  9. Florrie- Thanks again :)!
    Janettaylor Sara Elinor Lavelle Hannah and Sharon- I am so glad you loved the belt!

  10. wow*°*° amazing this belt !
    you're so talented !
    I love it !! very much*°*°*

  11. cute belt!
    Thats really clever of you!
    I really love the blog btw!
    Tomorrow x

  12. Noémie Tomorrow Shani and Tamara, thanks for your lovely comments!

  13. the belt is super sweet and it looks great with both outfits. you look gorgeous too!

  14. that belt is too adorable for words!