Thursday, October 8, 2009

So SoHo

My husband was away for a meeting in New York and left me to play single mother for Nobi (our dog) for three whole weeks. That, and the combination of us celebrating our second wedding anniversary, made him go to the SoHo and really work hard to find me an appropriate "Sorry I left you to baby-sit the dog and happy anniversary"-present, which ended up being this wonderful Anna Sui dress. I absolutely adore Anna, she has the amazing ability to make incredibly intricate designs with so much color and texture, and still keeps it chic and non tacky.This dress, which is modeled by the very beautiful Viktoriya Sasonkina was part of Sui's 2009 winter collection that was inspired by the Belle Époque. This is my first real designer clothing, I am for financial and style reasons more of a "thrift store" kind of girl but have to admit there is some thing so wonderfully decedent and luxuries in having a piece that is so well made. So thank you Odedi for this wonderful dress and to Nina that helped to chose it with her iphone. I just love it!!

Dress: Anna Sui
Socks: H&M
Bag: hand made leather bag that Nina designed especially for my Birthday


  1. דבר ראשון, מזל טוב ליום הנישואין!
    דבר שני, גם אני ננטשת בקרוב לטובת אבט"ש
    אמנם רק לשבוע אבל זה הכי הרבה שהעברנו אחד מהשני בזמן האחרון.
    השמלה מדהימה, אהבתי את השילוב עם הגרביים הגבוהות,
    כיף לך שיש לך בעל עם טעם כ"כ משובח!

  2. Thanks luba
    I am sorry that you are going to be alone for a while but i have one word for you: chick flicks they help the time pass a lot quicker:)

  3. the dress is lovely and blue,
    and a happy wedding anniversary

  4. I love Anna Sui, it's my fave !
    and thx so much for posting this !!!
    have a nice we !

  5. I really love the Anna Sui winter collection, the colours and fabrics are so beautiful.
    You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress honey and I love the way you've styled it. :) What a lovely present.

    Florrie x

  6. These Anna Sui pieces are lovely!