Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fashion Bear

I don’t know what about you, but I still can’t say I'm completely a grown up. Although I am 27 years old, sometimes I still sleep with my cozy teddy bear. Yeah, I know, most of the people my age probably won’t admit to it, but recently I have the feeling that I’m not the only one hugging a bear at night. I guess someone in the fashion world picked up on that, because more and more high fashion brands are making designed teddy bears, and I have a feeling that it doesn't all go to the kids.
As usual, the first to start the designed teddy bears trend was Karl Lagerfeld, who created a teddy bear looking just like him. Prada designed various key chain teddy bears that are sold at their online store, and Missoni are selling their teddy bears, made of their trade mark print, in Colette.

Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear

Prada teddy bears

Missoni teddy bears

I know you want some more of this sweetness, so here is an editorial from W magazine that is all about teddy bears, enjoy!

W Magazine "Into the Woods", Aug 2007


  1. nothing wrong with sleeping with a teddy bear :) I love the "into the woods" photos. bears and bows! super cute.

  2. The Karl one is so cool, hehe.
    I would love a pink Prada one, they are so cute!

    Florrie x

  3. וואו, ההפקה עם הדובונים ביער פשוט מהממת ובכלל לא הייתי מתנגדת להירדם עם הדובון של מיסוני, למרות שאני ישנה לפעמים עם הפנדה שלי. גם סוג של דובון.

  4. I still have most of my stuffed toys and occasionally I sleep with my teddy bear. Glad to hear there is another girl out there like me:)