Wednesday, January 6, 2010

White Collar Crimes

Last time I was in London I discovered the most wonderful and quirky little shop called
" Franklin Alvarez " that specializes in vintage collars. The shop is run by the clothing designer, Bev Alvarez, and by the artist Jen Franklin, which together make or collect collars from flee markets around England. When I got home and checked out their web site I was amazed to find that they ran a blog devoted entirely to their collar obsession. The blog is dedicated to collars in all shapes and sizes, and present all sorts of other collar-related items and even prints of animals adorned with periodic collars. I have a little collection of vintage collars from all kind of different periods myself, so I am always happy to discover other people who share my passion.
Israeli designer, Aluma Klein , is a fellow collar lover that completes her women wear line with collars that she makes from hand sown vintage lace. Her collars were already worn by the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga and many others.
The piece of resistance of my collection is a nineteen century collar that I found in an antique shop in Paris. Though it tears a little every time I touch it, every once in a while I am tempted to wear it under a dress or a blazer.

Franklin Alvarezs' collars and prints

Aluma Kleins' collars

My nineteen century collar


  1. I've been looking for a while for a brand that sells collars. Those are some delightful examples :)

    Kirstie Marié

  2. wow! so gorgeous! i wish i had some of these, they would certainly improve many an outfit.

  3. so sweet. you're in tel aviv? i love it there.