Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Animal Crinolines

Walter Van Beirendonck's latest Winter 2010/2011 collection "Take a W-Ride" was mostly menswear. As expected from Walter, the collection was very colorful with strong graphics and humoristic… For me the best part of the fashion show was the end, when the models showed on stage with sculptured animal figure crinolines and over sized hats! The designers that created this genius crinolines were Elke Hoste and Lisandro Olmos. I was desperately looking for their other works on web, but almost found nothing, hope to hear about them more in the future…


  1. מבריק! חייכתי כשהתבוננתי בתמונות.

  2. It looks out of this world!! So amazing.

  3. wow, this is really amazing! so special and original!

    (also, i think it's so special that you live in Israel, i want to go there so badly! my parents 'made' me there..haha)


  4. Very interesting and strange!

  5. פשוט גאוני ומשעשע! ממש נהנתי :) חג שמייח

  6. לובה- כן, הן משעשעות אותי גם, תודה...
    Allure- Yep, I agree!
    Mila- Really?! In that case, you have to visit.. Let us know when, it's fun here!
    נועה- כן, הייתי מתה לחצאית כזו לפורים
    Bluefemme- We love interesting and strange!
    טושיק- תודה! פורים מהמם!

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