Saturday, February 6, 2010


Earlier this year I went to visit the "Haifa Museum of Art" to see a show called "The Grotesque". While watching the show, which was absolutely fascinating, I stumbled across the work of Erwin Olaf, a photographer and video artist living in Amsterdam. Although Olaf is mostly an artist, his apocalyptic prediction of how people will live and look in the future are ever so fashionable. In the show Olaf's presented his visions of how we will look in the future if our obsessions with youth, beauty and plastic surgery will continue to be such a central part of society. While visiting the artist's website I discovered more wonderful works that this time dealt with the alienation of the modern world. Olaf's retro aesthetics and forlorn atmosphere reminded me Edward Hopper's works that also managed to capture the beauty and loneliness of modern times.Please press on this link
To see Olaf's video art


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