Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Chain Belt

First of all, we wanted to thank Florrie from Intrinsically Florrie blog for nominating our blog for the Awesome Girl Award. Thanks Florrie!!!

This is a super simple and super cute DIY project that takes only about 15 minutes.
The belt is made of a chain, in the spirit of the 80', but of course, very relevant for today.

1. The materials you'll need are: a 1 meter chain, a few joining rings and a clasp.

2. Cut 31 cm of the chain

3. Measure 8 cm from the end of the bigger part.

4. Mark for yourself the 8 cm point from the end, and then 28 cm from that point, and add the joining rings at these points.

5,6. Connect the 31cm part to the rings.

7. Add the clasp with a joining ring to one of the ends.

Voila! The belt is ready!

Here, I'm wearing the belt with my H&M dress.

And what do think about my new TopShop cardigan? I fell in love with it!


  1. super project! and definite yes on the cardigan- it looks super cozy and soft! xx

  2. it's very impressive !
    I love your belt and it seems easy like this but I'm not sure of that.
    Your dress & cardigan is stunning !
    Thanks for sharing, I would love to create jewlery and I know that I have to do it !
    Have a wonderful week-end*°*°*

  3. הכל ממש נפלא, כולל אותך.
    הקרדיגן ניראה כשווה את אהבתך.
    האמת היא שזה אולי מצחיק אבל להתאהב בקרדיגן זה לא כזה מוזר, זה פריט ממש חיוני בחורף שלנו.

  4. Love it! Chain belts are totally back. I actually got a gold necklas with vintage coins in Sarajevo recently which I wear as a belt! I will post the pic to see. :)

  5. Hannah and Landon- Thanks, yep, I do love it!
    Noémie K- That is really easy, thanks!
    Clothes on Trees- ♥
    Sefi- תודה! אכן פריט חיוני, אפשר לפשוט בקלות בחמסינים וכאלה...
    La Kat...- Thanks, I'll check your belt too!

  6. cuute idea, and the chain makes it adjustable so it fits perfectly :))