Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On tracks

During my last visit to Israel Nina and I decided to go and check out the new "Old Station" complex that had just been opened in Jaffa. To anyone who doesn't know what it is, the area used to be a train station that was built in 1892 and ran from Jerusalem to Jaffa in only four hours, a land mark in those days. Since then, the train station was abandoned and was reopened a few months ago as a chic shopping and restaurants area, located in the beautifully restored old Templar building. I have to admit I was really impressed, aside from a slight sense of theme- park-ish atmosphere, I think it is a really cool shopping area with a good mix of shops, including one in which I found imported Orla Kiely clothes that I have never seen in Israel before
We took our lovely photographer Yana, and tried to restore a little bit of the old station atmosphere, without looking completely insane to the people doing their weekend shopping trip.

Skirt: D&G
Top: TwentyfourSeven
Shoes: Top Shop
Bag: Dizingof flee marke
Skirt: Top Shop
Top: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Top Shop
Bag: Vintage
Ribbon: Hand Made


  1. מהמם - תמיד כיף לראות את הצילומים שלכן והרעיונות שיעלו. עוד לא הספקתי ללכת למתחם התחנה, גם אני שמעתי רק דברים טובים בנתיים. מעניין לראות איך יהיה. בכל אופן - אתן נראה נפלא, אני במיוחד אוהבת את גרבי הניילון של נינה :)

  2. את התמונה הראשונה בסט צריך למסגר ולתלות.
    מדהים אותי כמה היא יפה ומדויקת.

  3. צילומים חמודים ממש. כבר המון זמן רציתי להצטלם שם אבל זה תמיד רחוק מדי וחם מדי.
    אני ממש אשמח לדעת באיזו חנות יש את העיצובים של אורלה קיילי?

  4. מהממות! (רציתי להרחיב, אבל לעיתים פחות זה יותר :))

  5. נינה, את מהממממממממת בתמונה ההיא בישיבה

  6. איזה יפים הצילומים שלכן, שתיכן יפהפיות!

  7. These photos are simply beautiful

    I adore the bag in the last photo!

    Sarah Betty xx

  8. You both look so beautiful and the pictures are really amazing.

  9. You did great, girls! These looks so cute.

  10. What lovely photos. This is the first time visiting your blog and I actually thought these were professional photos :) I adore both outfits.


  11. Oh adorable gals you just provided me with inspiration for the rest of the week! I love the black red lipstick combination I love it!!!♥ Brilliant post!!!

  12. pretty!

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  13. amazing post !
    it's been so long !
    hope you had an amazing summer !
    Lots of love*°*°*

  14. beautiful photo's !


  15. These photos are beautiful, we also love the styling! Thanks for sharing :)