Monday, December 14, 2009

How to do a

As you might have noticed by now reading our blog, Nina and I have a not-so-small obsession with hair-bands. Pretty much if it's shinny, pink or feathery, I want it worn on my head. is my new favorite retailer for all of those things. The company makes breathtakingly beautiful hair bands, brooches and much more.
I love everything about these pictures from the color combinations to the model choice, absolute perfection.
Naturally, I would love to buy one of the company’s pieces but since I can’t really afford to spend 200 dollars on a hair band I decided to take the DIY way.
I used some lovely light blue feathers that I had laying around the house, and sewed them to a piece of felt. To give it that final touch I added a vintage brooch that was my latest flea market find and voila! It may not be exactly but it is definitely not a ban don’t.

1. Cut up a template in the shape that you want the feathers to be in.
2. Attach it to the felt and cut it according to the shape.
3. Attach the feathers one by one and sew to the felt.
4. Attach the felt to a bow by sewing or gluing them together.
5. Sew or attach a brooch or a vintage baton to the base of the bow.


  1. תכלת,
    הקשת מהממת ואת נראית מקסים!

  2. יפהפה

  3. excellent post dear !
    I really like your blog*°*°*°

  4. תודה על ה
    בהחלט יש מצב לבדוק את זה!
    ואם אפשר לשאול מאיפה הסוודר הכחול הוא מקסים!

  5. Nina: you are a little biased but cute
    Hila: thank you dear and see you on Saturday.
    Noémie: thanks darling I can always count on you to write something nice, I just love yore last post gorgeous!
    Mizi – The sweater, is from H&M of course (where else), it is in stores now so you better run:)

  6. So so pretty! I love this DIY, thanks or posting! I don't think I can spend $200 on a hairband right now either :) So this is a great fix. I also LOVE that wallpaper in the background.

  7. Oh! So romantic and delicate, perfect for New Year's Eve! ;)

  8. Wonderful post! I have must make this now. :D