Thursday, December 10, 2009

Treasure bags

Each time I go thrifting, it feels like I am going on a quest to find a hidden treasure.
Unlike retail stores that have their pieces organized by color and size, vintage stores are one piece stores. Sometimes the treasure you are looking for is the first thing you lay your eyes on when you go into the store, and sometimes you will go through all the racks, and still won’t find it.
Vintage bags are one of my favorite vintage items to buy; take it as it is, without fittings or adjustments necessary. Through the years the collection gets bigger, while each bag carries its own unique story of where you found it and under what circumstances, and it's even more enjoyable if you happen to know the history of the piece you holding in your hand.

Here, Tchelet and I wanted to share with you our collection of vintage bags, and wish that we'll find more of these treasures in the future.

Tchelet's gobelin vintage bags

A bag that was bought at Geula st. vintage store(closed)

These two bags were bought at the Dizengoff vintage merket

Nina's vintage bags collection

A bag that was bought at the Jaffa flea merket

These two were bought at the best vintage store in St. Petersburg "Off Off Off"


  1. וואו, יש כאן כמה תיקים מדהימים, אהבתי במיוחד את השחור עם הרקמה הפרחונית.

  2. lovely bags! i'm a sucker for the first lot, just wonderful!

  3. Wow, those are such awesome vintage finds. You have the eye for spotting a good vintage piece.

  4. מהמם, מהמם, מהמם!

  5. תיקי הגובלן פשוט הורסים!!!!האמת, גם לכמה מהקלצ'ים האחרים לא הייתי מתנגדת :)

  6. I LOVE those! I usually carry big bags when I walk to work, but I do love a dainty purse for nights out.