Friday, December 4, 2009

Ventriloquist in a playground

Hani Sagiv is a recently graduated Shenkar student who is already turning heads in the international arena. Lately Sagiv was selected to take part in an exhibition at the Vinogradov gallery in Berlin. During the gallery opening Hani will present her Shenkar graduation collection named "Ventriloquist in a playground". Her clothes will be modeled by seven actors which will perform a play wearing her outfits. I find her work beautiful and troubling at the same time, I especially like the collar necklace - I wouldn't mind having one of those in my jewelry box.


  1. this is very interesting !
    I love it !
    The colors of the 1st one pic are awesome !
    Have a great Sunday*°*°*°*°*

  2. That project with actors sounds amazing.

  3. Totally agree with you: beautiful & troubling, though I think first comes the troubling impression and after this one can see the clothes are actually beautiful. Sabine x

  4. חני היא אחת מהאנשים הנדירים שאפשר לומר עליהם בפה מלא ולב שלם שהם אמנים בכל נפשם.
    היא מעבר למעצבת אופנה, היא יחודית, היא יוצרת.
    יש לה אתר שאפשר לראות בו גם עבודות נוספות שלה משנים שעברו

    עלי והצליחי!

  5. העיצובים מהממים, אם כי תאטרליים מעט.
    אופן ההצגה והעמדה גם נפלא. שמחה שאהבת והראית גם לנו.

  6. Hani Sagiv is a real artist and i know she will not stop to surprise us. Keep on, stay stong and creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!