Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oopsy daisy

One day we were driving through Ramat-Aviv Gimel, and suddenly saw an entrance to a secret garden. At first all we saw was a couple of yellow spots, but the minute we walked in, we discovered an open field of yellow daisies... Of course we ran straight towards our closets to pick out the sunniest, yellowest, prettiest dresses we could find, and also, of course, the obvious accessory, yellow balloons.

So there you have it, photos that just yell SUMMER!!

Nina yellow balloonsTchelet and a little beetle
Nina Yellow dressTchelet Yellow dress

Yellow field

Photo from

Vogue 1938 Yellow dress Vogue 1938

Deutsch Vogue 2007 Yellow flower-dressDeutsch Vogue 2007

Vogue 1959 Yellow polka dot dress

Vogue 1959

Yellow field white dress Stephanie Williams

Photograph by Stephanie Williams

Bruno Braids and Bows

We just couldn't without him!


  1. Interesting.......

    nice post...

    Thanks for sharing.......

  2. צהוב תמיד עושה מצב רוח טוב!
    פשוט אי אפשר לעמוד בצבע הזה!

    תמונות מקסימות.
    פוסט כל כך נעים!

  3. איזה מקסימות!

    כל השדה הזה ברמת אביב ג'? וואו! :)

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  5. צהוב ומקסים, בא לי גם