Friday, July 31, 2009

These boots are made for walking

Tchelet Feldman The street walker
Yael Sloma from "The street walker" was kind enough to include me in her lovely blog. This picture is a proof that looks can be deceiving - although I look quite calm, I am actually horribly late for a wedding and busy cursing myself for leaving the house with absolutely no make up. All that while trying to get to the dry cleaners before it closes. That was actually the second time Yael has taken my picture. Every time we meet she stares at me for the first couple of minutes thinking whether I am "picture worthy", I in return stare at her since she dresses just as beautifuly as the people she photographs on her blog. There seem to be a disagreement about my fabulous "Repetto" shoes, so for all those people – it's just shoes calm down!!!


  1. wow***°°°°
    Your blog is amazing***°°°°
    I'll come back for sure !
    (thanks for your comment***°°°)

  2. what do you mean by Repeto" shoes? and חח for the blog, first time i'm here and it looks intersteing.

  3. תודה!!
    Repetto is a shoes label, you can visit the site /