Sunday, July 26, 2009

Textile Shenkar 2009

Textile design is an inseparable part of fashion design. It gives it the tone, the mood and the structure. Textile is placed on the boundary between art and design since it begins from a plane canvas, continues with coloring, weaving, printing and knitting, that later on becomes a piece of clothing.
So I went to see the Shenkar 2009 textile graduates show.

Here are some of my favorite works:

Noy Haim

Noy’s work is made of partly unraveled polyester, printed by sublimination technique on itself or on other fabric .Noy used an ink gradient color-between blue and purple, and on some fabrics you can see an 18th century French print motif. The project is soft and floaty, but raw and chaotic in the same time.

Noy Haim Shenkar 2009
Noy Haim Textile designNoy Haim Shenkar Textile Braids and bows

Ido Shevet

The project calls “This is not a love song”.
In this project Shevet is building new structural forms by identified the single stitch/loop- the font, transforming the basic form of the unit, and building new fonts for knitting. Building patterns (sentences) of knitting courses and printing the patterns onto textiles.
Here you can see Ido's full portfolio.

Ido Shevet Shenkar 2009

Ido Shevet Textile design

Ido Shevet Textile Braids and Bows

Mika Bar

Bar has created a fabric that is built from endless prints that harden the fabric at specific areas, which makes the two dimensional structure into three dimensional structure.

Mika Bar Shenkar 2009
Mika Bar Textile design

Hagit Karkovsky

Hagit’s inspiration was of a surrealistic forest. The materials she used were wool, kashmir and reeds, all were knitted and weaved together into beautifully made pieces.

Hagit Karkovsky Shenkar 2009

Hagit Karkovsky Textile design

Hagit Karkovsky Textile Braids and bows

Noga Shahak
Shachak has collaborated with “Delta”-a lingerie company. She has created soft romantic pieces, which were beautifully photographed by Erez Tor-Hay.

Noga Shahak Shenkar 2009

Noga Shahak Textile design

Noga Shahak Textile Braids and bows

Shenkar 2009 graduates show will continue till the 4 August 2009, and there are presented graduates works from all the design departments like fashion, jewelry and so on…highly recommended!!

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