Monday, July 13, 2009

Shenkar 2009

Lets face it, proper Israeli fashion shows are rare and far between, so of course we were very happy to go the “Shenkar” collage of design fashion show that exhibited the works of 43 graduates which will hopefully influence the future of Israeli fashion, and with a little luck even the world.

We snuck behind the scenes to see the designers’ clothes we loved from up close.

Tchelet Shenkar 2009 Braids and Bows

Blouse- From Tchelets latest collection
Skirt- TopShop dress worn as a skirt
Shoes- TopShop
Bag- Second hand Chanel

Nina Shenkar 2009 Braids and Bows
Dress- Religion
Shoes- Nine West
Bag- Vintage

The show opened with Ravit Berman’s collection

Ravit Berman Shenkar 2009

Ravit Berman Shenkar 2009 graduate

Hadas Katz
Hadas Katz Shenkar 2009Hadas Katz Shenkar 2009 graduate

We just loved Olga Maron’s inspiration – the Russian folk story about snigurachka, a girl made of snow with a heart made of ice, as soon as she fell in love she simply melted and vanished.This cold and well mannered figure became a role model for many little girls in Russia. And so, from girls who had dreams about love, weddings and children, grew a nation filled with cold and serious career women.The collection expresses this struggle between the mind and the heart.
Olga Maron and her model Shenkar 2009

Olga and the models
Olga Maron Just before the show Shenkar 2009


  1. וואו, תתחדשו על הבלוג הורור המהמם.

  2. תודה! ואנחנו מאוד אוהבאת את הבלוג הצהוב שלך...

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    יחי שנקר.

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